Season To Sparkle: Day 5

Our fun here is almost over. *tear* But we have saved some of the best for last!


Bring on the glittery glam! I don’t care what’s in these party glasses, I want to drink it! And . . . can I keep the glass, too?


I am an absolute sucker for anything reindeer! They are so elegant and beautiful. These napkins are perfect for bring a touch of that elegance into your party.


Then when the evening is over, the chocolate is gone, and the laughter has calmed to a soft sigh in the night there is nothing better than a sweet, sparkling favor to hand to each of your guests. And Kojo-Design has you covered! Check it out.

Happy Holidays and make sure you take time for a little Sparkle this Season!

Season To Sparkle: Day 4

Hello friends, here’s some more totally creative, holiday sparkle for you!


Just in case you love balloons . . . and I know you do! . . . check out this so fun balloon fringe.


Cupcakes just went from backstage to limelight with these show stopper cupcake toppers! Don’t miss it!


And, finally, the garland I promised. Isn’t this amazing! Seriously, I wish I was so creative. *Sigh* I know my friends would all die if my table were trimmed with this during my next party.

Season to Sparkle: Day 3

Welcome back! I’m thrilled you’re here because in addition to the Caramel Turtles (here) I’ve got two totally amazing DIY’s to share with you!


Aren’t these Drink Stirs fantastic! I love how the little touch of black makes the whole party oh so very sophisticated! Check it out here.


What party is completely without party hats? And these bring the glam! Don’t miss this totally fun post.

See you again tomorrow when we take a look at some more awesome DIY party ideas including some of the best Holiday Garland I’ve ever seen!