Sophisticated Sugar: Chocolate Christmas Tree Suckers




Kids LOVE these chocolate suckers. Anything on a stick is awesome at that age, and then to add chocolate and sprinkles! Ha – those little kiddos didn’t know life could get so good.

Chocolate Christmas Tree Suckers

Melting chocolate – milk, dark or white, any will do
Sprinkles – or anything you’d like to see hanging on your trees
Sucker Sticks
Zip-loc Bag
Paper and Markers
Wax Paper

DSC_0183 (1)

Using the marker, draw out a template on your paper. I did simple, tall triangles. These will help me make all my trees the same size and symmetrical. Next melt chocolate in either a microwave or a double-boiler and pour melted chocolate into a zip-loc bag.

DSC_0192 (1)


Snip the tip off the corner of the bag, making a very small whole, and squeeze a line of chocolate out and down the center of one tree. Place stick on top of chocolate.

DSC_0193 (1)


Starting at the top of the tree, squeeze more chocolate out to form your tree.

DSC_0195 (1)

Add sprinkles! This is a great step for kids to get involved with – you can let them decorate their own trees or individualize each tree (peanuts for dad, pink sprinkles for little sister, and cranberries for grandma!) These make fantastic gifts, especially because they are so fast and easy – you can make dozens in hardly any time at all.

These chocolate suckers are great for any occasion. You could make pumpkins for Halloween (White chocolate, colored orange, and use M&Ms, and licorice to make Jack-O-Lantern eyes and mouths), or hearts for Valentines Day (with Red Hots or white pearl sprinkles). Seriously – you could make anything.


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